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Fall application deadlines for France 2024 Intake

France has become one of the most sought-after destinations by the international student community for pursuing higher education. Some of the globally acclaimed, high-ranking business schools are in France. There are multiple reasons which make France popular, some of which include-well a designed research-based curriculum, a beautiful and high-tech campus, global exposure, a warm environment, and job opportunities. France is also well known for the IT sector not only in Europe but across the world. Fall intake is usually preferred for admissions by students. In this article, we will discuss the fall application deadlines for France and the admission process in detail.

Universities in France offer two intake seasons in a year. Students have to apply for their favorite course through University’s admission portal and if selected, they need to appear for an interview in order to complete the selection process. Results are declared within 4-8 weeks of applying via e-mail. The two intake seasons for institutes in France are February and September.

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How can you apply to study in France

The fall application deadlines for France are between June to July. The preparation for the same should start as early as 10 months prior to the deadline.  The steps involved to pursue MS in France or other similar courses include the following-

  1. Researching and shortlisting courses and colleges
  2. Prepare and appear for the standardized tests
  3. Completing the application form for the universities
  4. Giving interviews and accepting offer letters/notification
  5. Arranging loans and filing visa applications
  6. Booking travel
  7. Beginning of the program

Once all the required documents are in place, one can apply to study in France.

Records required to study in France-

As is seen in every country, the admission process and criteria vary from university to university in France. But some basic documents are required for France 2024 fall intake and other subsequent intakes. They are-  

  1. Completed Application form with all the relevant details.
  2. Complete the fees of the university.
  3. Official transcripts
  4. Copies of graduation diploma with French translations
  5. Campus France Authorization
  6. Civil liability certificate
  7. SOP
  8. Letter of recommendation from teachers/professor
  9. CV/Resume
  10. Test scores of the standardized exams like GRE/GMAT
  11. Audited Financial bank statements Job experience certificates if available
  12. English/French Proficiency test scores like IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC
  13. Passport
  14. Medical insurance
  15. Proof of accommodation
  16. Passport size photos
  17. Proof of visa fee payment
  18. Air tickets/Reservation document

The most popular universities and their fall application deadlines are as follows-

Name of the university Application Deadline
Ecole Polytechnic  March 
University PSL Rolling 
Sorbonne University  November – March 
HEC Paris October 
EDHEC Business School  May
Kedge Business School  July
Sciences Po Paris February 
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Study in France- techniques and steps involved

It is commonly seen that students do not have a clear idea about the whole selection process and often miss the chance to study in France because of this reason. Here are a few tips and tricks to help students navigate smoothly through the whole process-

  1. Learn French- This will become a solid bonus point as it indicates a student’s sincerity and intent to study in France. It’s not a compulsory requirement but can turn into an advantage.
  2. Acquire LOR- A good LOR leaves a solid impression. Thus for postgraduate programs, it becomes very important that students keep professional/academic LORs ready as applicable.
  3. Apply to multiple Universities- It is always better to keep the options open and not stick to just one University. This way the students can have a backup in the worst-case scenario.
  4. Keep a note of deadlines- Each University and course has its own deadlines. So it is advisable to keep a check on the website of colleges in order to apply before the fall application deadlines for France.

Points to keep in mind while applying to study in France

It is essential for students who wish to study in France to prepare all required documents beforehand. Students need to ensure that all the certificates,  LORs, and bank statements are original and not fake as it can lead to a permanent ban from studying in France. Aspirants need to ensure that adequate finances have been arranged as the Universities in France are quite strict about the minimum financial requirements. In addition to this, it is immensely crucial for students to cross-check the list of documents required before submitting the final application. The absence of a single document can lead to the rejection of the application. Often during interviews, students appear as if they do not have all the information regarding their course or its content. Researching the modules and content of the course is of paramount importance. Students should have a clear idea as to why they have selected a particular University, future career opportunities, and clear intent of coming back to their home country upon completion of the course. All these factors increase to play a vital role in student selection in a University and French embassy. 

Thus it becomes very important for students to become proactive and complete all the formalities before the fall application deadlines for France. France’s 2024 fall intake will be very competitive as colleges are finally opening up after the pandemic. So, keep a tab on the website of the selected colleges, give the test and gather all the documents to complete and submit the application process much ahead of time. Applying before the deadline increases the chances of selection in the university of choice which in turn boosts the confidence of the students and gives a positive start to the career student. If you are worried about the cost of studying in France, You always have SOPEDITS backing you up with its overseas consultancy.

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