Advise Group (FB)

Are you an applicant who is applying in the 2017 or 2018 session? 

Do you have queries relating to 

·  School Selection

·  Interview Queries

·  Application Insights

·  Post Graduation

·  Opportunities

·  Course Comparison doubts

and so on..........

Well, you are not alone!

During the past years, while helping a lot of students get into their dream B-School, we found that several applicants had recurring doubts on topics ranging from school selection and post graduation queries to application insights, and were having a tough time finding a platform to get them solved.

This Facebook group is aimed towards solving that problem and much more.

Being part of this group, you will get the following benefits

·   A direct line to the SOP-Edits founders and consultants to ask any question you may have

·   Get latest school reviews that we publish on a weekly basis

·   Application tips and Insights on how the rounds are progressing

·   Access to a diverse network of people applying to or pursuing varied programs


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