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Entrance Exams for Studying in Canada – GRE, GMAT, SAT, IELTS, TOEFL

If you are planning to apply for top universities in Canada then you have made the right decision.  If you have plans of studying in Canada then you should know everything about the standardized examinations that are important for you to answer in order to get into top universities in Canada.

There are world-class colleges in Canada and education is cheaper than American universities. It is relatively easier to enter a Canadian university, but it can be hard to get into the top three universities.

You are possibly requested to include your test results for the SAT for your undergraduate and GMAT or GRE programs, which are structured entry examinations when applying to a college or university abroad. Although these entry examinations are an important consideration in the entry process in foreign schools, you still can overcome a low mark by showing strengths in other areas.

Entrance Exams Required for Studying in Canada Colleges

The standardized test scores list consists of:


Do you have plans to get admission for the management program to studying in Canada then GMAT is the most preferred examination? The GMAT is known as the Graduate Management Admissions Examination. It is a standardized test for MBA candidates and assesses students ‘ potential.

Excellent score in GMAT is a must to get admission for MBA in Canada. The test consists of three main sections, analysis, quantitative rationale, and verbal reasoning.

This test was originally prepared for US institutes/universities offering management and business programs, those are used by more than 700 universities or institutes as the criterion for the admission of students across the world.

The MBA schools Canada require the average score for GMAT of 550, with the levels from one medium to another medium to 600. Nonetheless, MBA in Canada for graduates has an average GMAT score of 606. The higher the average number of prestigious schools is probably the result of their higher standards for admissions. In comparison, schools without a minimum GMAT admission score prefer to have a student body with higher mean scores (622) than the minimum scorers (600).

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2. SAT

Scholastic Aptitude Test-SAT is standardized testing which was previously referred to as scholastic aptitude testing or scholastic evaluation testing, often used to aid the choice of incoming frames by colleges and universities in the United States. The Educative Tests Service (ETS) produces, publicizes, and scored the SAT under the control of the private, non-profit college board.

However, several students take this test in June, and since the result, they got in June was not satisfactory, they are again taking the test in the fall of their senior year. Two topics are tested verbal and mathematical abilities. Every year 1,8 million SAT students.

In the United States, there is some controversy regarding the SAT value, but in any assessment process at college, it continues to weigh heavily.

3. GRE

GRE is intended to evaluate the readiness for graduation, or even the master’s program, of a prospective student. GRE also provides subject assessments and written reviews in addition to the General Exam. One or more of these tests can be decided on the basis of your university or school’s admission requirements. The GRE General Examination is the most common exam for admissions to graduates.

In Canada, GRE is required to receive a master’s degree and, a good score may be needed by a number of universities and programs. This test helps universities or colleges to assess the ability of advanced education applicants. There is no prerequisite for students who are going to study at the GRE test.

No qualification for the GRE test is necessary. The applicant must however be either a graduate student or a graduate in six months ‘ time.



In Canada and other English-speaking nations, IELTS is planned to determine the language skills of those who would like to pursue higher education. IELTS ‘method is similar to other language assessments, i.e. it measures students ‘ English language skills in reading, listening, writing, and speaking. IELTS is an important language examination that is approved by all the countries for immigration purposes.

In Canada, IELTS is the widest-known measure of English and the 7.0 score is widely accepted in Canada. Depending on the courses and institutes to which you apply, your minimum score for a course varies from 5.0 to 7.5.

To submit an IELTS score, all applicants must complete four modules – Listen, Read, Write & Speak. In Listening, Writing, and Speaking, candidates are tested. The Listening & Speaking modules are the same for all candidates.

Writing Modules have a choice between academic and general education. The first three modules are to be completed in one day and in seven days before or during the next the Speaking Module may be taken at the discretion of the test center.


For admission to a diploma in law, LSAT is typically required. It provides common readings and verbal thinking skills that law schools can use for assessment of applicants as one of many variables.


To seek admission to medical programs, MCAT is very much important. MCAT is a standardized, multi-choice examination that helps universities to predict the ability of a prospective student of medical school. In addition to the understanding of scientific definition and guidelines as a prerequisite for the study of medicine, the evaluation tests the applicants’ difficulties in solving, analytical thinking, and writing skills. The MCAT examination is of four different sections.


The TOEFL test shall be performed to test the applicant’s English skills. This entrance examination measures the ability of the applicants to read, write, list, and speak. The exam is one of those who wish to study higher education in Canada and who are not English in their first language. The research is carried out in more than 180 countries, one of which is Canada. TOEFL score is very much important.

Examinations like GRE and GMAT also check one’s intelligence with an aptitude test that includes sections like critical and analytical thinking. Selected students have the edge over others and are exempt from the necessary exam and are admitted directly. Canada has a number of universities and colleges for foreign students on an international scale. Hence studying in Canada is the best decision one can take. If international students do speak the language, it will never be difficult to gain admission to Canadian universities for studying in Canada.

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