Study in the UK without IELTS | January 2024 Intake UK

If you plan on pursuing higher education from a top UK University, you must remember that you must demonstrate overall high English proficiency. One of the most common exams that check the English proficiency of the learners is IELTS. This is the exam that students need to take if their mother tongue is not English. But if you want to study in UK without IELTS for January 2024 intake, you do not have to feel disheartened. This is because; there are several universities where you can get admission without coming across the IELTS hurdle.  You need to know about the universities where you will get the chance to study and learn without taking an IELTS.

MBA in UK vs MBA in Canada: Which is the Best Destination for MBA?

MBA in UK vs Canada- Choosing a degree especially masters, that requires a lot of courage and good decision making in order to get the best result for your future. Doing an MBA or study abroad is the best chance to explore and reaccelerate your pace in the field of academics. Let’s talk about MBA in UK first. Studying in UK is like you get the chance to study in heaven so whenever you got the chance just grab the same.

Required GRE Scores for Top UK Colleges/ Universities – GRE Cut Off Marks

Required GRE Scores for UK Colleges- To get admission in top UK Colleges/ Universities, you must obtain required GRE Score or GRE Cut off marks. The test assesses the abilities of the graduates in relation to the tasks of general academic nature of the one. Candidate from any special background can appear for the test it may include a unique ability of one person. The test aims to measure an individual’s quantitative and verbal skills in philosophical writing developed during undergraduate education. That what matters the most.

List of UK and Canada 2024 Scholarships for Indian Students

2024 Scholarships for Indian Students: Exploring new ideas and innovation are two key aspects of higher education. However, due to a lack of infrastructure and opportunity in most Indian universities, students are opting to go abroad for their higher study. In the recent past, the United States emerged as the preferred destination for Indian scholars, but the “America First” policy of President Trump forced the students to think twice, at least.

Requirements of UK Student Visa for Indian Students

Unmatched opportunities can be found in UK, and this is what makes Indian students opting to choose the Universities in UK so that they can create a career of their dreams. But for that, one requires to apply for a student visa UK from India. This is an important criterion to meet all the requirements of the rules laid for immigration to avail UK student visa. Even the financial stability and the sources of aid are also taken into consideration when it comes to Visa for Indian students. Here is a thorough guide for the Indian students wherein they can know about the requirements of Student Visa for Indian Students.