MBA Acceptance Rate: Acceptance Rate at Top US MBA Schools

First introduced by Harvard University Graduate school of Administration in 1908, MBA stands for Master of Business Administration. MBA degree has a high value and demand in today’s world as MBA enhances one’s business operation skills both theoretically and practically. MBA has increased the quality and quantity of Job opportunities.

MBA in Canada without GMAT in 2024

MBA in Canada without GMAT: Canada has escalated in the international study destination game, home to over 100 institutions of higher education. The 1-2 year graduation program is an MBA in Canada that offers rapid returns on investment. These prestigious business schools cost from USD 16,000 to 80,000 in order to graduate with an MBA in Canada degree. This ranges between 11 lakhs and 59 lakhs (mostly influenced by the institution selection) for an Indian student. Annually you can receive up to $80,000 to $200,000 (~59 to €1.4 per year).

Top Colleges and Universities to Study MBA in UK for Indian Students

The Masters in Business Administration can open numerous opportunities for you in the career front. Many Indian students select the United Kingdom as the desired educational location. This is because; some of the top-notch colleges and universities are located in the education hub. You have the option to pursue an MBA from some of the top-ranking MBA colleges, which can add value to your internationally-recognized degree. Pursuing MBA in UK can be a reality if you plan your future wisely.

MBA in Australia v/s US – Which is better?

MBA in Australia v/s US– MBA is a master’s degree which one must know its demand to do. An individual must be clear with the thing that why he/she wants to do an MBA. The main thing is that what is the scope of the degree we are planning to pursue.

Study MBA Abroad for Indian Students: General or specialized

Want to study MBA abroad – There was a time when graduation was enough to get a good and respected job. People will argue that even today most of the government and private jobs only need a graduation degree, but you will agree that if someone aspires to enter a good job profile in the corporate sector with an attractive salary package, then post-graduation is a must. Even if there are a lot of post-graduation courses available, MBA stands out of the crowd.