List of Top Universities to Study in Australia Without IELTS 2024

When you are heading to any foreign university where English is the official language, then you need to appear for the IELTS exam. The university considers the score of the exams when they look at your application form. There are some universities in Australia that all give admission to the students by looking at the IELTS score. But despite that, there are universities where they don’t look at the IELTS score. If you are planning to Study in Australia without IELTS, then you need to make sure that you get the best university for that.

What is the Minimum IELTS Band Score for United Kingdom (UK)

Before we go for the IELTS band score, we have to know what exactly IELTS is. It is an International English language Testing System (IELTS) designed to measure the language proficiency of people who would like to study or work where English is the language used for communication. The IELTS in UK is available in two test formats. The IELTS is designed for those who are planning to study for higher education like undergraduate and graduate studies or those who are seeking professional registration.

Study in the UK without IELTS | January 2024 Intake UK

If you plan on pursuing higher education from a top UK University, you must remember that you must demonstrate overall high English proficiency. One of the most common exams that check the English proficiency of the learners is IELTS. This is the exam that students need to take if their mother tongue is not English. But if you want to study in UK without IELTS for January 2024 intake, you do not have to feel disheartened. This is because; there are several universities where you can get admission without coming across the IELTS hurdle.  You need to know about the universities where you will get the chance to study and learn without taking an IELTS.

Complete List of Best German Universities Accepting IELTS Score

Germany is the dreamland for the students when it comes to continuing the academics. It is a European country and is renowned for the courses of Engineering. Most importantly, this is known for automotive courses. Getting admission in the German Universities is not a matter of ease. There is always a price tag for everything. Nothing can be availed for free over there. If we talk of the climate, then it is nice enough for the students to study. Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world. Here is a guide for the readers with the help of which they can gather valuable information about the German colleges and Universities. Following are the list of German Universities accepting IELTS Score as the eligibility criteria.

How to Study in Canada without IELTS

Studying abroad is always one of the major aspirations of the students, but it is always important or the candidates to do the IELTS at first. Many universities offer to study in Canada without IELTS. The IELTS stands for the International English language Testing System is the popular test of the high-stake of English Language proficiency, which is necessary for studying in abroad, work and migration. You can choose your preference and can appear test on paper or computer according to your convenience. Here is a guide that can help you know the ways with which you can study abroad without passing the IELTS.