Masters in Canada have either a set deadline for applications and/or a rotating application process. The former requires that applications would not be approved after the date of commencement to which the deadline is applicable. For various categories of students, some schools would have different deadlines; for example, international students or those requiring financial assistance may need to submit their applications earlier than other applicants.

About MBA in Canada and Application deadlines for 2024

There are three different intakes for International Students looking to seek admission for MBA in Canada. The admission deadlines for 2024 intake are in fall, winter, and summer. Canada’s fall intake starts in September and is the main intake. In January, winter intake for Canada begins and is a secondary intake.

  • The Spring intake starts in the month of May and only a few courses are available during this time and not all the Universities offer the courses in the Spring intake.
  • The Winter intake starts in the month of January. It is a secondary intake and only a large number of courses are available for the students who have missed the fall intake.
  • The fall intake commences in the month of September. It is a primary intake and all the Universities in Canada offer the courses to international students.

The Spring Intake in Canada

The spring intake in Canada is even known as May intake. The Spring Intake duration is May, June, July, and August. This is the least desired intake of all available intakes in Canada. During the spring session, not many colleges offer a course, and the ones that do are very few.

Most of the students choose to go home or take a summer spring break off. It is not a mandatory semester. Students could still start taking the courses if they choose to, and there aren’t many options to choose from as mentioned earlier.

May Intake Canada deadline: The final dates to apply for May Intake are usually falling in February. The dates may however vary from institute to institute.

The Winter Intake in Canada

The duration for the Winter intake in Canada is between January, February, March, and April. A list of the application deadlines for 2024 for applying for MBA in Canada is as follows:

The application deadlines for 2024 to study in Canada Universities to this particular intake fall between the month of September and November are below. But it might vary from one institute to another.



List of top ranking Universities in Canada – The Application Deadlines

  • The application deadline for the winter session at McMaster University is February 1.
  • The supporting documentation deadline for the winter session is April 1.
  • The application deadline for the summer session, i.e., May entry is April 1.
  • The deadline for supporting documentation in the spring session is April 1.
  • The Application deadline for the June entry is May 15.
  • The deadline for submitting the supporting documents is May 15.
  • The admissions offer within 4 to 5 weeks to receive all the documents.
  • The deadline for submitting the residence application is June 3.
  • The application deadline for the September intake in the Alberta University is March 1.
  • For some programs, the deadlines are February 1, October 1, November 1, May 1, and June 1.
  • The application deadline for the open studies is August 25.
  • The deadline for submitting the documents is June 15 for the post-secondary applicants and August 1 for the applicants studying in high school.
  • The deadline for depositing the tuition fees is May 1.
  • The applications in the Toronto University open in mid-September.
  • The recommended application deadline for the UG programs is November 1.
  • The application deadline for all the applicants is January 16. Few UG programs even have extended deadlines.
  • For the non-degree courses, the application deadlines are as follows: June 2 for the winter session and January 1 for the summer session.
  • The deadline for submitting the supporting documents is February 1.
  • The first round of admission offers in February for the high school applicants.
  • The deadline to submit the application for the scholarship and some other aids is in early February.
  • The second round for admission is offered in the month of May.
  • The deadline for application and submitting the documents for the Masters of Engineering course is May 1.
  • The deadline for submitting the music application and the submission of the documents is January 15.
  • The deadline for submitting the Architecture portfolio is March 7.
  • The deadline for submitting the documents for the religious studies is May 1.
  • The deadline for accepting the admission offers and the house applications is either May 1 or June 1.
  • The registration opens for various courses in late June.

If you planning to study in Canada and take admission in Canada, and aspire to go for 2024 intake, then do proper research on the same and then seek admission in best Canada Universities.


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