Degree in Data Science- Data Science is a really vast term which is yet to be fully explored by us. Since data science is a relatively new term, people are not fully aware of the benefits one can get by pursuing the same.

You can educate yourself in this aspect by learning about data science and getting a degree in it.

Masters Degree in Data Science:

Owning a degree in data science sure does open many career paths for you. Being a data scientist comes with a lot of responsibilities. The job of a data scientist involves solving different varieties of data problems requiring different skills which you learn when pursuing the course in data science.

But being a data scientist is not the only option if you have a degree in a data science, you can also opt for other career options like:

  • Data Manager

Data managers have a somewhat similar job to the data scientists. Their responsibility is to lead and manage the data science teams. It is their job to see whether or not the data is handled properly. In other words, they need to supervise the use and development of data. Therefore, it is important for a data manager to have the required skills and understanding of the databases.

It is also advisable that you have great knowledge of statistics, algorithms and programming languages if you wish to become an adept data manager.

  • Data Engineer

Data engineers are the ones who can manage the data storage solutions. They are the ones who have the job of coding the data and cleaning up the data sets. They help in transforming the data in the format which can be easily analyzed by Data analysts or other people. The skills required for this job include thorough knowledge of different programming languages, understanding of warehousing solutions etc.

The big data refers to the huge data sets which are very complex. This kind of data is hard to process with traditional data application software and therefore, requires advanced big data analytics methods. A big data engineer is basically someone who can collect, store, process and analyze the vast sets of data. The industries that usually hire big data engineers are IT, software and aerospace.

  • Data Analyst

The main role played by a data analyst is to help people understand data charts and reports. They are required to analyze data and interpret it. A good data analyst knows how to manipulate data, perform data mining effectively and has great knowledge of data communication.

Usually, the banking, consulting and healthcare industries are in search of data analysts. However, they get relatively less salary as compared to the other two careers because it is considered as the entry- level job for data science degree holders.

Business Intelligence is a wide term and a must have skill if you wish to make wise decisions for your business. It means using right strategies and technology to properly analyze the data of business information. Pursuing the data science degree develops and sharpens this skill in you. If you possess this skill, you can not only make your career in the above- given paths but also various other business fields.

A degree in data science yields a variety of career options. With the coming age, the data produced is getting increased which means the demand for data science degree holders will also increase. Therefore, it surely is a good course to pursue.

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