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Top 7 Reasons Why Cambridge is better than Oxford

You will find several articles on the internet regarding Cambridge vs. Oxford discussing the similarities and differences between both the universities. But still, they do not prove to be helpful enough in deciding the perfect university for you.

Oxford or Cambridge: Which University is better-

This question has always been on minds of the students. The rivalry between both of these universities is not new rather Cambridge vs. Oxford is a hot topic since ages. It is very hard to decide a clear winner when these two universities are considered as Cambridge is better than Oxford in some aspects and Oxford is better than Cambridge in others. There’s a long list of reasons as to why study at Oxford University or Cambridge University which again makes it difficult to settle on any of them.

Don’t know about Cambridge vs. Oxford pointers but we can provide you with top 7 reasons why Cambridge is better than Oxford:-

  1. Convenience of travelling

Although both the Universities are close to London but Cambridge is just half an hour away from there by train whereas it takes a full hour to reach Oxford. This time difference in travelling makes Cambridge more convenient for travel as compared to Oxford.

2. Sports

Considering the performance of both, Cambridge and Oxford University, it can be seen that the former has scored better in sports which makes it better than its counterpart when it comes to extra- curricular activities for the students.

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3. Tough selection process

Students seeking admission in Cambridge University also need to complete additional forms like SAQ (Supplementary Application Questionnaire), COPA (Cambridge Online Preliminary Application) for students outside EU etc. along with their application. This ensures that only the best of best students are getting admitted in here. On the other hand, students applying for Oxford need not complete any extra forms or tests.

4. Better rankings

Cambridge University has got better rankings than Oxford University in many areas like:

  • The University of Cambridge is ranked fifth in the world by QS World University Rankings whereas the University of Oxford has bagged the sixth position.
  • The University of Cambridge has secured the first position in the world by employers and second position by academics.
  • The University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford has been placed on 75th and 81st position respectively for research impact.

5. Assessment Technique

Cambridge prefers assessing students on basis of their performance in examinations throughout their course whereas in Oxford University, more weightage is given to the final examinations and students are assessed at the end of their final year.

6. More subject options

You get relatively more subject options in Cambridge than you would get in Oxford. A few of the subjects available only here and not in Oxford are veterinary science and architecture.

7. Great alumni list

The Cambridge University has got some of the world’s most iconic names in its alumni list. These names include John Milton, Charles Darwin, Stephen Hawking etc.

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