Study Abroad in Australia – These days, education is becoming dynamic. Student communities around the world are looking for a better opportunity. The internet has made their task easier. In the modern age, those who have information will grab the best opportunity. Most of the graduates are preferring a foreign institution for their higher study.

A better lifestyle, reputed institutions, good infrastructure, practical skill-based courses, low competition, and better job opportunities, are some of the aspects that are attracting students to pursue their masters in foreign countries. Australia is emerging as the biggest student hub in the entire region. Study Abroad in Australia also costs comparatively less as compared to other developed nations.

International Perspective on Study Abroad in Australia

Australia currently standing third in top study abroad destinations just after the USA and the UK.  In the year 2018 only, 8,70,000 international students enrolled in Australia, which is around 8.8% higher than that of 2017. According to a report published by the Department of Education and Training of the Australian Government, China contributes the maximum while India stands second with a student population of 62,000 followed by Brazil, Nepal, and Malaysia.

For Indian students, Australia is the most popular destination after the USA. The international student community is also helping Australia’s economy to a great extent. Currently, it contributes 3.47 million US dollars to its economy, so the Australian government is also trying it to promote the country as a major student destination.

The reputation of Australia for high-quality education is something that they earned. They produce better results in all the courses as compared to the global standard, and Sydney is having one of the best passing percentages around the globe. So students all around the world are interested in study in Australia.

Expenses in Australia for a Student

The tuition Fee for study in Australia is significantly less. Tuition fees for an international student are around 20,000 AUS dollars, which is less as compared to most of the EU nations and the USA. In addition to that, Australian universities are providing a scholarship for international students to promote education.

Even financially backward students can work part-time to earn their livings. As the minimum wage is on the higher side, around 19 US dollars per hour, a part-time job is enough for most students to earn their bread and butter. As study loans are easily accessible so practically anyone can opt to Study Abroad in Australia.

How to Enroll in an Australian University?

If you are interested in Study Abroad in Australia, then here is a guide for MS in Australia or even an MBA, for you. First thing first, find the course you want to pursue, for reference most people prefer to do an MS or an MBA in Australia. Research about the universities providing the same course and compare the review. Once you select your course and university, the next step is to apply.

You can apply online on the university website itself or by any external agent source. You can apply for multiple courses and universities. If your native language is not English, then be ready for the IELTS test because Australian Universities Accepting IELTS Test Score for the admission. For post-graduation, you need a minimum score of 6.5 overall and no band less than 6.0, to Study Abroad in Australia. Though it reduced to 6.0 overall for undergraduates.


And don’t forget to keep evidence of the test result as you required to attach them in your Visa application. If you are eligible for the university, the university will return to you by sending an offer. Now it’s time to accept the offer. As soon as you secured a place in an institution apply for your Visa and you can apply it directly on the Australian Immigration Website. You need following documents to attach in your application form documents,

  • Enrollment Confirmation.
  • Passport
  • IELTS test score sheet.
  • Loan details or financial proofs to fund your study.
  • Health insurance accepted in Australia- You can get it by applying online.
  • Police verification for a criminal record.

Now, start planning the journey to study in Australia.

Top 10 Courses to Study in Australia

There are several programs available for Study Abroad in Australia. But following ten particular programs which are in great demand and people are crazy about it. The future job opportunity is quite good as well. Here is the list.

  1. Accountancy
  2. Actuarial Science
  3. Agricultural Sciences
  4. Architecture
  5. Biomedical Engineering
  6. Mining & Metallurgy
  7. Civil & Structural Engineering
  8. Geology & Geo-Sciences
  9. Psychology
  10. Tourism & Hospitality Management

Australia always welcomes foreign students in open arms, and the constantly supporting government made the student life easier. The good environment, communication facility to any part of the globe, and sporty culture attract students for Study Abroad in Australia.

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