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Application Deadlines for Fall 2024 Intake in UK

The intake of universities in the UK at fall is one of the most popular intakes, and the deadlines may vary from time to time. Usually, fall intake in UK starts from September, which is an early deadline and goes till April, which is the full and final deadline, and the peak month is January. Many universities have ruled that applicants must apply before the early deadlines so that they can get a seat along with a scholarship. The key dates and university application dates are especially updated for international students for both undergraduate and masters. The last date for admission in the fall season will be the end of April to study in UK.

Facts About Fall Intake in UK 

Fall intake in the UK is available in two slots first one is from January – February intake, and next is September – October intake. Students who generally miss the date for September intake can apply for the January intake. Some people say that September intake in UK is much better than January intake in terms of courses offered, but there are no many differences in these two intakes as January intake has an equal number of courses beneficial for the students, and students can select according to their requirement.

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The Eligibility Criteria for UK Fall Intake 2024

There are some basic criteria for fall intake in UK. A minimum of 65% or 6.5 CGPA is required for the majority of students to get admission into arts and humanities courses in September intake in UK, and A minimum of 70%  is required by the candidate to get admission in science courses. Apart from academics, candidates must also have proper English language knowledge to check the English knowledge, you have to clear the IELTS exam. Some of the universities of the UK may also the scores for GMAT and GRE from the students.

The fall intake in UK is one of the most famous times to take admission to UK colleges. The seats of studying medicine are filled very fast. So, the application deadlines are not extended very much for this course. Sometimes the admission deadlines are extended.

Here Are Some Reason Why You Should Study Medicine in UK

1) If you have graduated in medicine from the UK, then your salary will be around 21,000 pounds, and within a few years, your salary will grow to 25000 pounds. In the UK, most students get the full qualification within five to six years. Once you complete your study, the training will be given to you, which will be very helpful. If you are passionate about helping people, then medicine is the best thing you should study.

2) There are 32 medical schools in the UK, which are mainly recognized by the medical council. The course is the most important part of your time at university. You should prefer to study medicine in London. But if you want a smaller and quieter place to study, then you will prefer places like Warwick University and Kent University. A career in medicine will let you help people, learn new things, and change lives every day.

How Will You Apply to UK University? 

Fall intake in UK generally starts from September, and if you are applying on these dates, then you should first check application deadlines in UK universities, and admission deadlines in UK universities. You should have the right degree with you because of the masters and bachelors are very specialized.

About Courses Tuition Fees:

  1. International students who are mainly outside of EEA and EU, EEA is also known as the European area, have to pay full course fees at UK universities in fall intake admission. You should also remember that students who do not belong to European will not be eligible for grants and loans. Fall intake in UK is always in its peak.
  2. The British nationals and the students from the European Union will pay the same fees. If you are going to study in Scotland, then you will get pay off of 5.500GBP on your tuition fee.

Where You Should Apply?

Generally, students who are applying for a bachelor’s degree in the UK should submit their application at UCAS, also called universities and colleges admission services. In the UK, if you are applying in spring intake admission majority or maximum university will accept the application through UCAS.

Here Are Some Steps to Apply Through UCAS-
  1. First, you will have to create and register your application on the website.
  2. You can apply up to five different programs at the same or different universities in the UK.
  3. You have to complete your personal information without any mistakes.
  4. Put your previous qualifications properly.

If you are applying to UK universities, you have to check the last date to apply, and also the last date for admission, then proceed further.

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