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Affordable Countries to Study Abroad for Indian Students

Affordable Countries to Study Abroad: Are you fascinated by the thought of studying abroad? Are you dreaming to pursue your studies abroad? You can experience all your dreams and more y opting to study MBA abroad at your desired destination.

As just a student you can understand and experience the place as part of your educational journey in abundance. If you’re looking for something else than your schoolbooks, it’s the way to study masters abroad. You are going to enter a world of adventure, entertainment, and a great deal of learning. When you care about the financial implications, don’t panic – you have a range of choices about affordable countries to study abroad.

Budget-Friendly Affordable Countries to Study Abroad

Here is a list of few countries with a cost-effective admission fee, with a very good budget, have an excellent educational environment and great opportunities:

1. Ireland


Ireland is one of the affordable countries to study abroad for Indian students when it comes to affordability. Some of the country’s top-class yet affordable universities providing cost-effective education are:

  • Trinity College
  • Maynooth University
  • Waterford Institute of Technology
  • Griffith College
  • Ireland’s National College
  • Dublin City University
  • Cork Institute of Technology
  • IBAT College Dublin
  • Ireland’s Galway National University

All the above cost-effective colleges and cost-effective universities offer the best courses in literature, nursing, social studies, medical and business studies.

2. Germany

Germany is the world’s fourth-biggest education destination. Do you know what attracts students in Germany precisely to study? You will be delighted to learn that both local and foreign students in the German educational department have a clearly established scholarship system, helping them to live, study, and work on a huge waiver. Therefore, public institutions and universities offer higher education free or there is a very competitive tuition charge. Your living costs will also be around EUR 8,700 (INR 6-7 Lakes approximately) per year.

Few options are mentioned below. Read on to find out which are they:

  • Medicine from Heidelberg University
  • MBA from Berlin School of Economics & Law, or
  • Computer Science from the Technical University of Munich

3. Finland


Going to study in Finland offers your chance both to explore the best of nature and to enrich your studying expeditions in some of the world’s best-known institutions. There are 14 universities and 24 polytechnic schools in Germany and this is the paradise for people looking to learn the environment, architecture, design, and technology. You should be assured if you are worried about the cost of tuition. Neither any tuition fees for Ph.D. / Documentary programs are paid by the public institutions and borrowings are offered to the talented worldwide graduate and master’s departments. Students are paid between EUR 4.000 and EUR 20.000 on a yearly basis which is between 2 to 14 lakhs Indian rupees.

The Centria University of the Applied Sciences promises their students great learning experience with six subject areas that are taught in Environmental Chemistry, Industrial Management, Business Management, etc.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the largest and most inexpensive universities and one of the Indian students’ cheapest countries abroad. Among them – Wellington University of Victoria, Auckland University, Canterbury University, Massey University, and Otago University. In cities such as Christchurch, Napiers-Hastings, Wellington, Hamilton, and Auckland the main cost-effective colleges and cost-effective universities of New Zealand are located. The hotel management, tourism, visual communications, information technology, computer, engineering, and business are common as well as the most preferred courses for the students planning to study in New Zealand.

5. Norway


Although every Nordic country is a relatively affordable study place, Norway remains free of charge at public universities, both within and outside the EU, with the exception of a number of specialist programs. Norway is known for its high quality and natural elegance in Europe’s Nordic Countries and Norway is no different. The availability of English-language curricula at all study levels and a high number of locals who speak English are also an important reason for studying in Norway. Norway, like other Nordic countries, has a high living cost; around NOK 139,680 (~US$ 17,200) are needed each year.

6. France

Tuition fees in France were similar for domestic and foreign graduates, and for 2019-19, the tuition fees are set at EUR 170 (approximately US$ 200) a year for bachelor’s (liquidity) courses, EUR 243 (approximately US$ 285) for most master’s degrees, and EUR 380 (approximately US$ 445) for doctoral programs. If you’re not yet a fluent French speaker, you can study English in France with most of the postgraduate English programs.

7. Taiwan


Taiwan is one of the cheapest countries for studying abroad, heading to Asia. For instance, tuition fees for undergraduates at TW$100,000 (~US$3,300) each year for liberal arts programs start in the national Taiwan university – 72nd at QS World University Rankings ® 2019 – for TW$124,200 (~US$4,050). There are over 120 courses in English at more than 40 universities in Taiwan. Mandarin can also be studied as a popular destination in Taiwan. Taiwan also provides a decent quality of life, and fairly low cost of living, and accommodation costs equivalent to TW$88,000 annually (~US$2,900).

8. Mexico

Mexico is among Latin America’s often visited countries and has a great deal to offer foreign visitors, full of diverse and special culture to discover. Tuition fees in Mexico vary, with more private universities charging an average US$ 6,300 per year, in Mexico, one amongst the world’s top 100 student towns, for the international undergraduates in the capital. Even in Mexico, housing costs in total amount to about US$ 9,250 on a regular capital budget or US$ 6,450 elsewhere are comparatively small. Even though Spanish is indeed the main language, the Mexican university provides more English courses in a way to lure international students.

9. Poland


Poland offers a fantastic culture and good quality education, which makes it one of the perfect places for studying abroad within your budget. If you speak Polish, you can study and study in Polish for free if you take the same entry tests as Polish students. Many English-learning programs are available and cost about €2,000-3,000 per year (~US$2,340-3,500). The cost of living is also small because you have to have no more than €6,600 annually (~US$7,700).

10. Malaysia

Malaysia, particularly in terms of living expenses, is without a doubt one of the cheapest places to study abroad. The UK’s Nottingham University and Australia’s Monash University also offer the possibility of a degree that is accredited by these institutions at a lesser price in Malaysia as well.

Concluding Thoughts

When choosing your destination abroad, make your decision a priority, based on your own desires, ability, and goals. Above is a list of affordable countries to study abroad that offer international students exclusive bursaries. Learn, explore your dream locale, and enjoy the rich educational journey. You can also do research about the study abroad scholarships.

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