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Students, do you feel you are at crossroads after completing your graduation? Well,It is a natural feeling. You can see many roads welcoming you with open arms, but it is often difficult to choose the right one. Should you rack your brains and worry? No, you need not do so, because ‘SOP-Edits’’ is there for you, shining like a beacon, ready to guide you through the process. 

‘SOP-Edits, Study Abroad Consultants’ is a team comprising of alumni of reputed business schools like ESADE, HEC, LBS, and LSE who work towards the common objective of helping students get to their dream universities. We have a reputation of being India’s Premier Education Consultancy that provides end-to-end services to students aspiring to seek admission in colleges and universities abroad. Our conceptualised procedures cater to the requirements of the students by either helping the students find admission in the university of their choice or shortlist the right university based on their profiles.


Our individual experiences are the inspiration behind the incorporation of SOP-Edits.
Let us take you down the memory lane. It was in the year 2012, that a couple of us were in the same situation as students today are, after completing their graduation. We had ambitious plans to study abroad, but we felt the absence of proper guidance. There was oodles of information on the internet, but we could not find anything concrete or helpful. We did not have any idea about the colleges, the courses they conducted, the job prospects and so on. We did not have a clue about how to achieve our ambition. Approaching some consultants did not help either, rather ended in confusing us more than ever. Clueless and confused after surfing the internet for hours, we resigned to our fate and started exploring jobs in India. 

Some of us were successful in securing decent jobs, but the urge to pursue higher studies abroad was always there deep inside our hearts. We made an earnest beginning again in the subsequent year, and three of us including me were successful in securing admission in reputed universities abroad. Naturally, we were elated beyond our dreams. 

The three of us set out on our journeys and completed our education. Our struggles in the initial years were the binding factor that kept us together and rooted to the ground. We realised that the situation had not changed much in India. The position of the students was the same because of the absence of positive guidance and counselling. Moreover, the parents, who felt equally responsible for shaping the career of their child, found it really challenging to understand the course structure and the funding for the same. 

With a single-minded objective of helping students in India, we began taking Skype sessions with our juniors, peers, friends and references who needed guidance. It helped them understand the application process and cleared their doubts regarding higher education abroad. As we tried streamlining the process, we sought the assistance of the admission committee and supervisors from various colleges in talking to the students directly, thereby making it easy for them to understand.

Some of us took up fellowship roles in our colleges that allowed us to interact with students from different backgrounds. It helped us understand the psyche and mindset of students and gauge their preferences. Our efforts bore fruit as students started benefiting from these initiatives and started getting admission to reputed universities abroad. It won us a lot of appreciation. 

Having tasted initial success, we continued our research that culminated in the incorporation of SOP-Edits. We used our experience of coordinating with the admission committees of various colleges to understand their requirements. It helped us to get a bright idea of what qualities these universities look for, in an international student. It also helped us forge strong partnerships with many institutes across the globe. Our connections are multiplying, having crossed the 250 mark today.

We are confident that our experience will hold us in good stead and help students find the right path to success. “For us, students are the priority, and genuinely caring about their career while providing personalised attention to each one of them, is something we stand by!”

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