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5 Reasons Why doing MBA from Ireland is better than India

MBA is an internationally recognized course popularly stands for masters in business administration and if someone is looking for an intense, rewarding and gratifying profession then MBA is the right alternative to select. To study MBA from Ireland is always better and more uniquely pronounced as compared to study in India. Ireland is known as the land of Saints and Scholars, renowned for its higher education system and has more weight in every element and complemented with certain high academic offerings with some exclusive benefits to the students.

It is said by a great scholar and quoted under

“Kellogg School of Management or Harvard Business School is definitely a great advantage when compared to an MBA from a smaller Indian institution.”

MBA in Ireland Vs India

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  1. English Language and level of Education- Language is an important element to execute yourself and assemble in the literate and educative lots of society. Now, to pursue a master degree especially in business administration although, Irish Gaelic considered under the most important and first official language few populations approx. 36 % knows it well which is a bit lower proportion whereas English language considered to be the second official language which helps in expanding business ideologies and in order intervene with some great global organizations and associations whereas provides the world class platform which is nevertheless provided by IIMs in India in terms of applied learning , still India is struggling with technology and advanced specializations or intense and rigorous research study and applications of various attributes in the course modular , i.e., why students are encouraged to pursue higher degrees in their field of interest alongside experts and researchers. Living, studying, and working in Ireland is a great way to improve your speaking and listening ability in English.

2. Post Visa Study – One of the unique offering or one can say an exclusive benefit given to students, if they are pursuing MBA from Ireland is that they are providing all the Indian students post visa for one year at least which is enough for them to search for job opportunities in the country after they are postgraduate, moreover, the Irish government has allowed extending the stay back option for 2 years who study at level 9 or above in the national framework.

The post visa study gives them an opportunity to look for global outlook in more effective manner and after they get job, they can easily apply for the green card/ work permit and can be among the local resident of the country, and can earn even more in terms of Indian currency due to greater value of denominations as compared to India.

3. Top universities- Ireland is a hub of top universities due to the gateway to higher and world-class education system and grooms students with global perspectives which gives students worldwide recognition and one can easily justify their higher education overseas as compared to study from Ireland.

Ireland is home to some of the top universities in the world. Trinity College Dublin is ranked 131st in 2017 THE World University Rankings, while University College Dublin and National University of Ireland, Galway ranks 201-25th.

If we talk about India it provides lesser opportunities in terms of ranking of top B schools and in terms of research applications and even Ireland seven public universities are all ranked within the world’s top 700 in the QS World University Rankings® 2018, as is one of the 14 institutes of technology.

4. Scholarships- is the other important element which feeds students with doing MBA from Ireland, since it is no more a distant dream for students who want to study abroad, with number of educations loans and scholarships which can easily be accessed and provides a frontiers to study with best universally recognized colleges of Ireland and take a step towards your dream education.

If the question says Why MBA from Ireland then one can simplify the answer with providing a database for scholarships which provides a better research output as compared to India, even private institutions in Ireland provides a number of scholarship plans such as The Rhodes Scholarship Program, Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowships and Huawei Maître Scholarship for studying in China.

Employers recruit candidates from abroad prior despite that the Indian student has a similar academic score and work experience. Additionally, studying abroad will also offer students a chance to secure a relevant job in that country.

Trinity College Dublin offers bursaries worth €5,000, NCI Galway €2,0000 and UCD provide 50% and 100% off fees.

5. Culture and Lifestyle- `Ireland is a place with beautiful places with great and enchanting landscapes and is a most cultured country since according to the statistics there is one pub per 100 people in Dublin? Your main goal is to study hard. They itself focus on research and entrepreneurship which makes MBA more worth it and valuable to do from Ireland than doing MBA from India.

In the field of research Irish universities are in the top 1% in terms of research laboratories too in different 19 fields as classified under, spanning natural sciences, social sciences and the humanities. Even some of the colleges in Ireland provides MBA degree within one year with post – visa for other one year which provides the students with twin benefits.

Overall if we rate MBA from Ireland Vs MBA from India, one can easily justify in terms of economic growth which is ultimately an indispensable factor which greets students with the higher rate of return in terms of a value of currency too.

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