Canada Study Visa

The student visa for Canada is document based and in most cases an interview is not required. Students who are applying for a visa for Canada need to show that they can pay for their entire education including tuition and living expenses. The funds shown should be in movable or liquid assets and a detailed cover letter explaining your reasons to study in Canada, your plans after graduation and your financial plan should be included. Certain health requirements must also be fulfilled when you applying for a student visa to Canada. The visa processing time for Canada can be 1-2 months and hence students should apply early. Be sure to be completely honest when filling in your Canadian visa application form as any information that is omitted, can result in a denial of your study visa for Canada.

General Info

If you are applying for a student visa to Canada, in most cases you will not need an interview and the documents you submit along with your application will determine whether or not you get a student visa. Along with your application form, passport, picture, and admission letter you must also submit strong proof of your finances and how you plan to pay for your education and stay in Canada.

If you plan to apply to a Canadian college through the Student Partners Program (SPP), there are additional recommended steps that you can take. For example, you may want to show evidence of purchase of a Special Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) from a participating Canadian financial institution of $10000 CAD to cover the living expenses for the 1st year in Canada.

How to Apply

Pay the visa application fee
Complete the non-immigrant visa application form online and carry the following documents when you visit the visa application centre:

  1. Visa application form, one photograph taken within the last six months
  2. Current and all old passports and the original visa fee payment receipt
  3. Acceptance letter
  4. Evidence of income and proof that funds are immediately available to cover your education in Canada
  5. School and college transcripts and standardized test score sheets
  6. Medical test reports

Interview Tips

1.    BE HONEST and straightforward in all your answers

2.    Be sure of your answers but at the same time be polite

3.    Be confident about yourself

4.    Don't hesitate while answering

5.    Make eye contact while talking

6.    Don't give any papers unless specifically asked for

SOP-Edits Visa Services

We at SOP-Edits have had tremendous success in helping students obtain visas. We scrutinize your financial documents to make sure that you have a viable plan to pay for your education. As soon as your ‘visa file’ is ready, we conduct mock interviews and ask you all the questions likely to be asked by visa officers.